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What You Need to Know About FMCSA and CSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a transportation agency committed to preventing crashes, injuries, and fatalities related to large trucks and buses on our Nation’s highways.

They partner with Federal, State and local enforcement agencies, motor carriers, drivers and other safety stakeholders to get this job done.

They help ensure safety in motor carrier operations by enforcing safety regulations targeting high-risk carriers for intervention, improving safety information systems and technologies, strengthening the standards of commercial motor vehicle equipment and operations and increasing safety awareness.

At FMCSA, they team with State Partners to make safety job #1 for everyone in the industry, from drivers and motor carriers, to those involved in safety enforcement and the public with whom you share the road.

The Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) is FMCSA’s safety compliance and enforcement program that collects roadside inspection and crash information from 3.5 million inspections each year to identify large truck and bus carriers that pose the greatest risk to safety on the Nation’s roads.

CSA’s intervention tools are designed to effectively and efficiently bring carriers with safety problems into compliance before crashes occur and put out of service those carriers who fail to correct their safetly problems.

FMCSA launched CSA in 2010 and continually enhances CSA to make it easier for carriers, drivers, and law enforcement to understand and correct safety compliance issues.

Where do you fit in?

You are one of over 5 million truck and bus drivers who share the Nation’s roads with more that 250 million motorists. That is a lot of people to keep safe.

You help keep yourself on the road earning a paycheck by following FMCSA’s safety rules and regulations and learning about the CSA program; and by doing this you help keep the Nation’s highways safer for everyone.

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting