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Video Library in Hi-Def Video

Unlimited Access to our Video Library, is one of PSC’s most popular requested by companies nationwide to showcase PSC’s vast experience and knowledge across the board. The Video Library is an ever growing collection of on-line based consulting, training and coaching videos developed and produced by PSC. We keep it concise so you’ll have more time to implement the solutions we present. The Library is current to the day and on the front lines of what’s working and what’s NOT in the industry. These videos provide an efficient and cost effective solution for MANY companies. Very few resources today are capable of cutting expenses while simultaneously strengthening overall quality and delivering current and valuable information.

Truck/Passenger Essentials

Essentials we provide include industry specific information, policies and a driver award program, just to name a few things. Our essentials are to help assist you and your business to grow and operate as a whole. Developing company programs, handbook, etc. is time consuming, our goal is to provide you with accurate and easy-to-access resources for you to use.

Transportation Safety & Compliance Manual

Whether you’re responsible for the safety and loss control for a couple units or a couple thousand, everyone needs a quick and concise reference tool to make things easier and less complicated. Our Safety Manual includes all of the industry acclaimed Transportation Safety and Compliance Manual reference material and forms, and will continually expand with additional modules on business building strategies, advanced risk management, outsourcing, time management, sales and marketing and much more.

The Communiqué

Periodic driver newsletters that are ready for distribution. Each newsletter can be personalized with the Member company’s name. Topics will vary, but will always be up-to-date and relevant. Periodically, there will be a “series” of newsletters pertaining to a particular subject.

Downloadable Forms

Our library of forms includes a variety of PDF and Word/Excel documents dealing with driver selection and qualification, accidents, vehicle maintenance and inspection, hours of service and a safety program. From an accident register to a drivers road test exam or certificate, we have what you need to assist you in making documentation comprehensive and complete for your business.

Friday Safety Brief

For over 25 Years, The Friday Safety Brief™ has been the industry’s hottest weekly publication keeping transportation companies, insurance carriers, brokers and agents abreast of what’s going on, tips, strategies, breaking news, regulatory updates and press releases. Subscribers receive access to the downloadable PDF version.

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Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting