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Safety Belts for Drivers part 2: Pledge

Maintain Your Safety Belt.

  • Inspect your safety belt just as you perform regular inspections of any equipment items on your truck, such as brakes, tires, etc.
  • Make it a part of your routine to periodically examine your safety belt equipment to be sure it still functions correctly and is not worn or has broken components that either need repair or replacement.
  • Be sure to consult the truck operator’s manual for safety belt care and maintenance tips.
  • Have the fleet service department inspect your safety belt equipment during each periodic scheduled truck maintenance session.

Does the Safety Belt Fit Properly?

  • Do not allow the buckle to be located in the stomach or abdomen area.
  • Do not wear the shoulder straps under your arms or behind your back.
  • Do not wear the shoulder belt too snug, or let it rub against your neck.
  • Do not allow the belts to become too loose as you travel.
  • Do wear the lap belt low on the lap, two or four inches below the waist, and against the thighs. The strong bones of the hips can absorb the forces experienced in a crash.
  • Do wear the shoulder straps across the center of the chest and the center of the shoulder.

Your Family and Your Community Depend of You!

  • Refusing to use your safety belt is like refusing a free insurance policy.
  • If you feel restricted by a safety belt, imagine how you might feel if you were restricted to a hospital bed or wheelchair because you chose not to wear a safety belt.

You should consider how your family might be impacted if you were unbuckled and involved in a crash. What would your family do without you? Will your employer’s health and workers’ compensation insurance cover you if you are in violation of the company’s safety belt policy? In addition to any injuries that you might experience, what kind of disciplinary action will you be subjected?

Make the Safety Belt Pledge

I, ______________, have received a copy of _______________________ (company name) safety belt policy. I have read the policy and have had the opportunity to ask questions. I fully understand the company’s penalty for violation of this policy. I hereby pledge that I will use safety belts whenever driving or riding in a company vehicle or in any other vehicle when on company business. I also pledge that passengers of vehicles I am driving will wear safety belts.

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting