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Exercising on the Road

Getting exercise and eating right takes a commitment. Some occupations such as over the road driving can hinder that commitment. Making the commitment to exercise is no different for a professional driver than the young mother raising kids. Below are suggestions from drivers.

Out of the truck:
• First, warm up by stretching out a little. You can do this by walking for just seven to ten minutes. Time it if you need to. Then do a few more stretches. At this point, you’re probably good and warm. 
• Now, start walking. Make sure to take short and quick steps. By taking short, quick steps, rather than long strides, you will work your gluteus muscles (in your buttocks) as you walk over an increased distance. 
• As you are walking, point your head up slightly, tilt your shoulders back and lead with your chest. This is basically trying to put you into that perfect posture position. Now hold this position while you walk. 
• Squeeze your buttocks or gluteus muscles. While you’re walking you should feel as though your buttocks are partly flexed. This will take practice to do for extended periods of time.

Behind the wheel (Focus less on “exercises” and more on releasing tension that can build up from chronically sitting):
• Chin tucks (take two fingers, press your chin in and try make as many chins as possible)
• Butt squeezes (the gluts get shut off from sitting all day so activating them while seated helps reverse the trend.
• Shoulder blade squeezes (grip the wheel – while parked – and pull your shoulder blades toward each other)
• Adjust your rearview and side mirrors so that they force you to sit with a more upright posture.

While in the sleeper berth:
• Dips, push-ups on the edge of a seat or cot
• Stationary lunges while holding on lightly
• Prone back extensions (lay on the cot face down, fold hands on your forehead, extend upper and lower body) This one is especially important as it reverses the trend towards keeping your spine flexed while sitting behind the wheel.

Items to carry to help with workouts:
1. Collapsible bike
2. Hand weights
3. Jump rope
4. Mat

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Professional Safety Consulting