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Avoid Skidding – Part 3

An “Unknown” Fact

From deer in the city to falling space debris, even as a professional driver you can’t be expected to anticipate everything. There will always be unknowns. So how can you be expected to avoid these dangerous situations? Eliminate distractions. Keeping your eyes on the road and being alert at all times is the only way you will be prepared to stop safely if necessary. Even the smallest distraction could be the difference. How else can you avoid unknowns?

  • Prepare by asking yourself questions about possible hazards ahead. Is there a car stalled on the other side of that hill? Is it cold enough for there to be ice on that bridge? Acknowledging possible hazards will put your mind on defense.
  • Never outdrive your headlights or visibility when driving at night or through adverse weather conditions. Also keep in mind that wet roads require at least 50% more distance to stop; icy roads may need up to ten times the normal stopping distance.

Skidding is a danger in optimal driving conditions and can be disastrous with even a little precipitation. However, it is just as easy to avoid if the right steps are taken. Make sure your vehicle is in the right condition for optimal stopping distance; rid yourself of any distractions that take your focus off the road; and most importantly, if there are any perceptible hazards – SLOW DOWN.

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting