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Road Test and Certificate

A road test should be performed to ensure that a driver applicant demonstrates the ability to safely and competently operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).

The individual giving the test may be an employee of the motor carrier or someone designated by the carrier.  It should be someone who is competent to evaluate and determine whether the applicant has demonstrated that he/she is capable of operating the vehicle and/or associated equipment that the motor carrier intends to assign to him/her.

Excerpt from §391.31(c) Road test

(1) The pre-trip inspection required by FMCSR §392.7.

(2) Coupling and uncoupling of combination units (if applicable).

(3) Placing the commercial motor vehicle in operation.

(4) Use of the commercial motor vehicle’s controls and emergency equipment.

(5) Operating the commercial motor vehicle in traffic and while passing other motor vehicles.

(6) Turning the commercial motor vehicle.

(7) Braking, and slowing the commercial motor vehicle by means other than braking.

(8) Backing and parking the commercial motor vehicle.

Form 2-5, “Driver’s Road Test Examination” and Form 2-5B “Driver’s Road Test Examination (Passenger Vehicles)”, includes these items.  You can develop your own form.  It must still include these eight items, however, it may be more detailed.

A motor carrier may accept the driver’s certificate of road test if the road test was administered within the preceding three years.  However, it is suggested that the prospective employer test all applicants. A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) may also be accepted in place of a road test if the applicant took a road test in the type of equipment that the carrier intends to assign the driver.  This permission to waive a new road test does not apply to double/triple trailer combination CMVs and cargo tank CMVs; you must assess drivers’ skills in operating these vehicles.

A certificate such as Form 2-6, “Certificate of Road Test”, can be filled out upon successful completion of the road test. The orginal should be kept in the driver’s file, and a photocopy should be given to the driver.

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