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Pre-Trip Driver Inspections

Motor Vehicles. Before driving a motor vehicle, drivers must be satisfied that the vehicle is in safe operating condition by inspecting the parts and accessories listed below:

  1. Service brakes, including trailer brake connections.
  2. Parking (hand) brake.
  3. Steering mechanism.
  4. Lighting devices and reflectors.
  5. Tires.
  6. Horn.
  7. Windshield wiper or wipers.
  8. Rear-vision mirror or mirrors.
  9. Coupling devices.

Intermodal Equipment. Intermodal equipment providers must require drivers to inspect intermodal equipment/chassis before accepting the equipment. Space must be provided at the provider’s facility to complete these pre-trip inspections.Drivers must confirm that the following components were in good working order prior to their trips:

  1. Service brakes, trailer brake connections.
  2. Lighting devices and reflectors.
  3. Tires.
  4. Coupling devices.
  5. Rails or support frames.
  6. Tie down bolsters.
  7. Locking pins, clevises, clamps, or hooks.
  8. Sliders or sliding frame lock.

If the driver finds equipment damage or a defect during the inspection, the intermodal equipment provider must either fix the problem, or replace the equipment, before the driver’s trip begins.

All drivers must also review the last driver vehicle inspection report, and sign the report, only if defects were noted, to acknowledge that the driver has reviewed the report and that there is a certification that the required repairs were made.

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting