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While we believe that training is crucial to loss control efforts throughout a driver’s career, there are particular types of training that are essential as outlined in this chapter.

It is important to get your new drivers off in the right direction, and one very good way to do that is by conducting a structured orientation program specific to your company requirements.

There is no standard time frame or standard requirements for orientation, but the training should be sufficient enough to cover the following:

  1. Driver procedures;
  2. Company policies and expectations;
  3. Company employees’ responsibilities;
  4. Company and customer facilities;
  5. Equipment and maintenance.

Effective orientations often use several people from different departments to help familiarize the driver to the company.

Tip: An orientation checklist can be one of the most effective methods to ensure that the driver’s training is complete, and helps to standardize the orientation process for all drivers. The checklist should be placed in the driver’s qualification file when completed, as evidence that proper orientation training was completed.

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Professional Safety Consulting