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HazMat Registration

Some carriers that haul hazardous materials will need to register (Form DOT F 5800.2) with the Department of Transportation to legally transport these materials. You must file an annual registration if, between July 1 of a year and June 30 of the following year, you engage in any of the following activities:

  1. Offer or transport in commerce any highway route controlled quantity of a Class 7 (radioactive) material, as defined in §173.403;
  2. Offer or transport in commerce more than 25 kilograms (55 pounds) of a Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 (explosive) material (see §173.50) in a motor vehicle or freight container;
  3. Offer or transport in commerce more than one liter (1.06 quarts) per package of a material extremely toxic by inhalation (that is, a material poisonous by inhalation, as defined in §171.8, that meets the criteria for “hazard zone A” as specified in §173.116(a) for liquids or §177.133(a) for gases);
  4. Offer or transport in commerce a hazardous material in a bulk packaging (see §171.8) having a capacity equal to or greater than 13,248 liters (3,500 gallons) for liquids or gases or more than 13.24 cubic meters (468 cubic feet) for solids;
  5. Offer or transport in commerce a shipment in other than a bulk packaging (see §171.8) of 2,268 kilograms (5,000 pounds) gross weight or more of one class of hazardous material for which placarding of a vehicle, rail car, or freight container is required for that class.

Once you send in your registration and payment, an authorization certificate will be mailed to you. Every truck or tractor that you use for the transportation of hazardous materials meeting one of the aforementioned registration criteria must have proof of registration on board (identified by U.S. DOT Hazmat Reg. No. xxxxxx).

Registration fees are used by DOT to make grants to states, which support planning and training of emergency personnel to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials. Your fee is helping communities prepare for a spill, accident, or other hazardous materials emergency that may occur in transportation. Refer to Table 10.1 below.

REGISTRATION FEE TABLE (As amended by the Final Rule of March 30, 2010)
Registration Period Business Categories
Small Business All Non-Profit Not-Small Business
2012-2013 (1 year) $275 $275 $2,600
2012-2014 (2 years) $525 $525 $5,175
2012-2015 (3 years) $775 $775 $7,750

The following are some important phone numbers or websites for registration purposes:

General Information-HM Regulations & Registration: 800-467-4922 or

Registration Information:

Online Registration:

Internet Registration Assistance: 202-366-4109 / 202-366-4484

Registration Status: 800-942-6990 / 202-366-4109

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Professional Safety Consulting