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Driver’s Record of Duty Status

Effective not later than December 18, 2017, motor carriers not specifically excepted from maintaining a “grid-log” for drivers’ hours of service must require each driver to use an approved ( Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to record the driver’s duty status.


Exception: §395.15

1. A motor carrier requiring a driver to use an automatic on-board recording device before December 18, 2017 may continue to use such device until December 16, 2019 provided the following information is available:

  1. The driver can produce upon demand an hours of service chart reflecting on-duty time, and time and sequence of duty status changes of each day.
  2. Information must be readily available to compliance officers.
  3. Information must be available at the motor carrier’s principle place of business.
  4. Driver shall possess records of duty status for the previous 7 consecutive days available for inspection while on duty.
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