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Driver’s Application For Employment

A complete application is a “must” in order to properly complete the applicant screening process. No items should be left blank. Require the applicant to answer all questions even if it requires a “none” or “N/A” response. Make certain that the applicant signs where appropriate and dates the signature. Review the application carefully, and ask the driver to add any further explanation deemed necessary.

The motor carrier’s name and address must be shown on the application. All employers in the past three years must be shown on the application, regardless of the position held by the applicant. The applicant should be able to account for any periods of unemployment or casual employment. There should be no unexplained gaps in past employment dates for the previous three years.

Applicants must also list all commercial driving employment for the seven years immediately preceding the three-year period mentioned above (a total of ten years).

Applicants must list all accidents during the past three years, regardless of the type of vehicle operated, private or commercial, and regardless of fault or severity of the accident. Applicants must also list all violations during the past three years, regardless of the type of vehicle operated or the type of violation.

There is no mandatory application form, but there are requirements regarding specific information that must be included on the application. Refer to FMCSR §391.21 for a complete listing of those required items. Form 2-1, “Application for Employment”, at the end of this chapter, is an example that may be used.

Ensure that your application form contains all required information.

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