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Driver Turnover

Driver turnover should be monitored on a regular basis in an effort to control the turnover rate. If you find your turnover rate to be unacceptable, or if it appears to be increasing, efforts can be made to reduce turnover by determining causes and possible solutions to the problem.

Tip: A specific time each year for annual MVR reviews, physicals, hazardous materials training, etc. makes the file updating process more efficient and organized. For larger organizations, alphabetical groupings by month can be just as effective.

This is a complex issue, and therefore, most often requires complex solutions. It is complex in that it involves two problems:

1. Those that are intrinsic to being a driver (e.g., strenuous work such as loading and unloading, being separated from one’s family, long days, stress created by having to share the road with other drivers);

2. Those that are extrinsic (e.g., feeling appreciated, being a part of the company – not merely an employee, earning a fair wage, respect).

Any strategy to reduce driver turnover will be more successful if it addresses both problems.

The best place to start is with the drivers themselves. Their input is essential to determine not only the problem, but also the solution.

Tip: Consider including drivers in safety committees and other management meetings to get their input on an ongoing basis.

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting