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Driver File Update System

Driver qualification files require a great deal of attention to complete. Not all, but many of those required items expire after a certain period of time. Unfortunately, these expirations are spread out across many months or years. Take a single driver’s file, for example. Say, for instance, that the CDL will expire in January, the MVR in February, the physical in March, hazardous materials training in April, and the certificate of violations and annual review in May. With all of those various expiration dates, multiplied by the number of drivers, it becomes rather difficult to keep all of the files up-to-date.

We would, therefore, recommend that a system be developed to track the expiration dates of those documents. This can be done manually using a calendar, or with a computer program or generic database, Form 9-4.

Tip: A specific time each year for annual MVR reviews, physicals, hazardous materials training, etc. makes the file updating process more efficient and organized. For larger organizations, alphabetical groupings by month can be just as effective

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting