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Company Safety Profile

The Company Safety Profile (CSP) is the most comprehensive summary of a carrier’s safety performance. It includes operational data, history of Safety/Compliance Reviews and Federal safety ratings, history of enforcement cases, 4-year crash summary and 2-year roadside inspection summary.

We recommend that carriers periodically obtain their CSP and conduct a thorough review. For a fee, profiles are available from Computing Technologies (shown at right).

A CSP can also be ordered online through SAFER (Safety And Fitness Electronic Records) at Under “FMCSA Services” click “Company Safety Profile”, enter your DOT number and e-mail address, and follow the instructions.

If you find inaccurate information on your profile, you can take the following steps:

1. Write to the agency that conducted the inspection or completed the accident report.

2. Explain in your letter what data or record is in error, and submit documentation to support your correction request.

The agency is then responsible for making the correction and keeping you informed of the status.

Or, you can file your concern online through the FMCSA DataQs system at Through this system, your concerns are automatically forwarded to the appropriate agency for resolution. The system also allows you to monitor the status of each filing.

Tip: Your company profile will show a breakdown of violations resulting in OOS orders. Efforts should be made to reduce those violations, which are most common. Informing the maintenance department, as well as the drivers, of the problem(s) is essential. Many vehicle defects can be caught by the driver during a daily vehicle inspection

Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting