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Commercial Driver’s License

An employer is required to have the following information on file for each driver:

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • License number, type and issuing state of his/her motor vehicle license

It is illegal for a driver to hold more than one valid commercial driver’s license.

It is recommended that a photocopy of the driver’s motor vehicle license be kept in the driver’s qualification file. If a copy is not kept in the file, a form such as the one shown below (Figure 2.1) can be used to record the information. In reviewing the license information, check to ensure that the license is valid and the correct type for the vehicle operated.

License Information
Social Security Number
License Number
Type of License
Issuing State of License

Figure 2.1: License Information. This form can be used to record license information regarding a driver’s CDL, if a photocopy is not kept in the file.

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