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Since 1987, Professional Safety Consulting, Inc. has remained the most trusted name in transportation risk management. And risk management is the single most important element in reaching maximum profitability. We understand the transportation industry and share the concerns of transportation underwriting.

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Who We Are

For over 30 years, PSC has been the nations most trusted loss control provider for the transportation insurance industry. We remain family owned and operated, utilizing the nations most experienced transportation loss control consultants, covering the entire United States. We are not a “loss control vendor”. We are your entire Loss Control Department.
Johnny Schrunk, President

What We Offer

PSC’s exclusive programs sync with any transportation insurance program, offering robust loss control services, including on-site visits, Digital Risk Assessments and telephonic surveys. PSC is the only transportation loss control company that offers customized, built-in value added services for insureds that enhance loss control, and boost marketing and retention efforts.

Why Choose PSC?

Companies choose PSC because of our experience, quality of work, communication, cost efficiency and value added products and services we offer. Simply put, we can do your loss control for half the cost of an in-house program, while bringing over 500 years of collective experience and a full suite of products and services that take loss control to a new level.


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Professional Safety Consulting

Professional Safety Consulting